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Suzi, our supervisory Registered Veterinary Technician, has extensive veterinary experience since 2004.

Suzi is a Bachelor of Science graduate of UCD and graduate of an accredited R.V.T. program.  

She has completed courses in dentistry in San Diego under Dr. Book Niemiec, a board certified veterinary dentist

Suzi was away for several years to further her education and even helped start a feral cat program while getting her degree, but has returned to the desert to continue her career.  

Her interests outside of work include any kind of art, as well as the continual project of fixing up their new home.  


Ruthanne, a Registered Veterinary Technician, brings a wealth of experience to ACH and also has a Bachelor of Science degree.

She has been in the veterinary field since before 2003 and has over 5 additional years at the Humane Society. Her hands on approach will lend a great amount of talent to our staff.

Ruthanne also has completed a course in dentistry in San Diego under Dr. Brook Niemiec who is a board certified veterinary dentist.


Rebecca is a Registered Veterinary Technician that joins us with a wide variety of experience and has been licensed since 2007.

Her education includes an Associates degree from VVC and another from Mt. SAC where she completed her R.V.T program.

Married in 2012, her and her husband are home owners in Victorville where they live with their four legged kids that consists of 2 dogs and 2 cats.

In her spare time she enjoys interior design, gardening, time with her pets and when she gets a chance she loves to go to Disneyland!!! She also has a self admitted obsession with chapstick and pigs.


Drema has been a member of the ACH team for over 14 years! She has worked part-time as a veterinary nurse and room technician.

When not working at ACH, she spends her time doing the other thing she really loves: Training dogs!

Drema is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT) and a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).

Drema was a registered Delta Society dog handler for over 10 years visiting nursing homes and Alzheimer's units. She and her dogs also worked in the Hospice program for the Visiting Nurse Association being one of the first teams in the area.

Also, she participates in the monthly children's READ program at the Apple Valley Library. Today, she puts these skills to use in her dog training. classes at ACH.


Trina is the glue of the hospital. Her hard work and effort to keep things running smoothly are always appreciated.

At this time Trina is working online to continue her education in the field, and everyday we are glad to see her smiling face


Heather joins us as a June 2014 graduate from VVC's veterinary assistant program after completing her externship with us.

She has always had a love for furry, feathery friends and an occasional reptile too :-} Her experiences in animal care include 2 years as a volunteer at the Dorothy O'Conner Animal Shelter in Texas before moving to the High Desert.

Married to her husband since 1997, they have a full household including 2 children, 2 exotic birds, Miss Kay and Clutch, 2 spoiled Himalayans, Phoebe and Tinker and 2 dogs, Bindi and Pepsi.

Her goal is to continue her education, while getting the necessary experience and training to become an RVT.


Elena has been in the veterinary field since 2006. Her bubbly personality and extensive experience has been a welcome addition to our team!

She's currently in school working towards a career in the nursing field, so that she can share the compassion she has for animals with their human companions.

She and her boyfriend have 9 “furry babies” (yes, nine!), who they love more than anything.

When she's not cuddling animals, she's getting down and derby with her local roller derby team, The Dirt City Roller Rats. She's known as The Vegan Mary #336


This is Ashleigh's second stint with ACH.

She moved to Alaska for 2 years with KidKid the bravest, toughest kitty around, they learned to love moose and survive -30 degree weather.

We are very happy for her to be back in California as are her family and long time friends.

Her life goal quote - "Tryin' to make a livin' doin' the best I can". This shows her love from music and her commitment to be the best she can be!